Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Givenchy Play Cologne for her

Givenchy Play Cologne

Givenchy Play Cologne by Givenchy, This fragrance for her was composed by perfumers emilie copperman and lucas suiza. This perfume is designed to appeal to women's various tastes and preferences. Play for Her blends top notes of pink peppercorn and orange blossom with middle notes of amyris wood, orchid and tiare flower, creating an alluring fragrance that leaves you smelling sweet, floral and fresh. Base notes of sandlewood, patchouli, Tonka bean and benzoin create a warm, inviting aroma with an earthy tone.

Place the unique 2.5-ounce bottle on your dresser or vanity to make a stylish statement, or tote the conveniently sized bottle around with you for quick and easy application on the go.
The feminine scent has voluptuously flowered fragrance that is quite memorable. This elegant perfume radiates an unusually unique combination of its floral notes and warm accords of fragrant woods. Its exhilarating combination of aromatic freshness is infused with an enveloping, sensual aroma of amyris wood that enhances your natural scent. The cologne smells elegant and is sure to last long.
How to use it:
Firstly, you have to make sure this is the right scent for you. Go to your local department store and ask for a sample. Scents change when applied, so what you smell in the bottle may not be what you get with wear. The tester should last you for a couple days in which you can ask your friends and family how they like your new perfume. As long as they’re honest people, you’ll have a good idea of whether the scent works for you!

Once you’ve decided, then you need to get your scent on. Perfume can be a surprisingly tricky thing to apply. If you want the scent to be strong, apply it in the crooks of your elbows and knees and at your neck or behind your ears. These are areas that tend to get “heated up” over the day, which allows the scent to disperse. For a more subtle, everyday application, I like to get completely dressed and then spritz a cloud to walk through. I find that the scent is still noticable, but not so in-your-face.

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