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amouagr gold women perfume

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The Amouage, the Omani firm who cater for the Omani royalty and those with a taste for French fragrance structures in Middle Eastern settings, went out of their way to make Gold, their first fragrance, sumptuous and fit for a queen; not a princess. Top perfumer was ushered in (Guy Robert, who gave us Equipage, among the most perfect men's scents, and the once wonderful Dioressence which my own mother so loved); the best ingredients were specifically harvested; no budget restrictions were made whatsoever; no focus groups. You'd have to envy the lucky perfumer who worked thus unrestrained. The year was 1983. At the time Amouage didn't benefit from the creative direction it has nowadays and the fragrance circulated simple as Amouage for women. Robert considered it the crowning glory of his career and characterises its dramatic progression as "symphony".

Fragrance Description & Classification

Every woman needs a Grand Perfume in her arsenal, a fragrance that will make her feel like Jean Harlow in a satin gown descending a marble staircase. Gold Woman is just that fragrance. Legendary perfumer Guy Robert created Gold using the highest quality ingredients that money could buy. He artfully melded more than 120 essences into an opulent perfume he calls the "crowning glory" of his career. Gold opens with a champagne-like burst of greens and lily of the valley, giving way to a floral symphony rich with rose and jasmine but so lushly orchestrated that it's difficult to isolate any one note. As Gold settles, it begins to purr with the warmth of sandalwood and frankincense. Gold lasts for hours and hours, and a little goes a long way. Gold Woman is a marriage of French tradition and Omani luxury that no 1930s movie, no matter how glamorous, could top. So, go ahead. Dab a few drops of Gold behind your ears and make an entrance they'll never forget.

Gold Woman  Notes

Frankincense, Rock Rose, Lily of the Valley, Orris, Jasmine, Myrrh, Musk, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood.
Amouage Gold currently circulates as Eau de Parfum (which is plenty really!) and extrait de parfum. Older versions included an Eau de Toilette.

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